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Residential Solar

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Did you know. . .
The SUN creates enough energy in 1 hour
to power the entire world for 1 year.

Capturing the power of the sun. . . it's always been a great idea since the beginning of time, however it hasn't been as lucrative, simple and affordable for a homeowner as it is right now. In escalating markets such as traditional energy it's important to have a strategic counter in place against the rising costs. Solar power has proven has proven to be just this and helps you avoid the inevitable future of utility rate increases.

While harnessing the power of the sun has always been a great idea, it has never made more sense for homeowners than it does today. Think of solar power as a secure, long-term hedge against rising energy costs. Solar power is not susceptible to spikes in demand and it helps you avoid the inevitability of utility rate increases in the future.

As an added benefit, homeowners enjoy an increase in property value by adding solar energy and can expect a 25+ year proven and low-mainenance asset addition.

Adding solar to your residence is an edgy and progressive way to increase your property value and is a proven, reliable, low maintenance 25+ year asset to your home.

We deliver the highest quality solar installations to homeowners throughout the state of Georgia. Our dedicated residential solar team, Hannah Home Energy, works exclusively with residential customers to evaluate and identify the best solar system for your home and budget.